Ice & Fishing Report

1.27.17  Our access is open today to single axel wheelhouses and light trucks. The cold weather has healed some of the access though we will monitor it throughout the day and weekend to ensure that the area around the bridge remains sound. With the exception of the access challenges, you can access any of the northern flats from our roads and we have found no issues with the ice. We have had customers on the Weimer, Bombeck, Pantry, Resort, Fletcher, Eileen’s, Backer, 8 mile etc.
Fishing reports have slowed a little with the majority of the bite happening at sun down or between the hours of around 10 pm and 3 am. Due to limited snow on the ice, light penetration will be high with the sun today so fishing deep off the break or flats will be key in the 27-30′ range. Gold and silver has worked well and dead sticking with a shiner or jigging with fatheads has produced the best results.
We look forward to a great weekend but ask that everyone stays 10MPH or less on our roads and always proceed with caution.



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