Ice & Fishing Report

We had some great reports over the last weekend but mainly from those willing to switch up presentations.    The bite has slowed a little but those that are willing to work a little are doing  very well.   The breaks are performing as well as the flats though the 26-30 FOW is most productive during the day and 19-22 FOW seems to be the answer as the sun sets.   Night bite remains the best though we are starting to see more perch and tulibees as we move into February.

Our access is open to all vehicles and wheelhouses though we recommend 21′ or under wheel houses as max length as the bridge is close to shore and pulling on/off can be a little tricky for longer wheelhouses.   We are looking at -10 this evening swinging all the way up to 42 degrees this Friday and Saturday.   This will cause the ice to expand and potentially cause some issues with the access.   We will be able to keep it open though there may be some delays so I recommend checking the report on Friday and Saturday morning for updates.



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