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BASSMASTER MAGAZINE JUST RATED MILLE LACS THE #1 SMALLMOUTH BASS LAKE IN THE USA!!!  Lake Mille Lacs is famous for being a trophy fishery for many species. On a single day, many of our guests have caught a trophy fish of many species – a memory of a lifetime. No matter what species you are fishing, Mille Lacs does not disappoint!

Rated in the top 10 bass fisheries in the world and the #1 smallmouth bass fishery, world class smallies can be caught in abundance with 20-23” plus being common size! Believed to hold the state record Musky, Muskies in the mid to high 50” range have been caught and is a favorite lake for those hunting the exclusive Musky. Northern Pike are also in abundance and 40” plus northerns can be found along our north shores. Perch fishing is also popular and can be found in the deeper waters off the flats year round. 13” plus perch are common in Lake Mille Lacs. Whitefish or Tulibee’s are especially popular late winter and can be found in abundance off our northern flats, just a mile out from the resort. Walleye remains one of the most popular fish on Lake Mille Lacs with multiple year classes present and those trophy walleye’s over 28” can be found year round.