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Fishing Opener Report

It was one of the most beautiful openers that we can remember.    The weather was in the mid seventies and the winds were calm yet enough to create a mild chop.   Our guests were enjoying fishing as well as camping, barbecuing and relaxing in the sun.

Fishing reports were exceptional.  Everyone of our guests were excited about the great bite and the most successful  lined up along the first break directly out front of the resort.  Fish of all sizes were caught from 8″ all the way up to 30″.   A number of our park members pulled in multiples over 27″ and we have shared some of the pics.   Thought the 2013 year class is showing up strong in the 16.5 – 18″ range, many fish are being pulled in from other year classes leading us to believe that the lake is much healthier than the DNR and media claim.    Many beautiful smallies were caught while walleye fishing though they were not targeted as it does not open for a few more weeks.   We believe Mille Lacs will present the best bite in the state for Walleye fishing this summer.     The political catch and release requirement this year dramatically reduced the number of fishermen willing to fish Mille Lacs this opener but those that chose to come anyway, were greatly rewarded by an aggressive and fun bite.

Our cafe is now open from 7am – 2pm Friday through Sunday and many enjoyed the great food and atmosphere at the Waypoint cafe.   We have a number of projects going on and our 1800 sq/ft meeting room/event center should be open by June 1 and we are hoping to wrap up our new wheelhouse park late June should weather permit.   Stop on in and see us at the Red Door as we look forward to a great summer!



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