Fishing, the Governor and Ice Fishing News

With the walleye fishing back open and live bait allowed, many have come up to enjoy fishing.   The bite has slowed somewhat but good reports have been coming from the north flats.    Northern and Musky fishing has improved as water temp has dropped substantially with all the rain and we have had a number of guests catch some very large Musky and Northerns.    Bass bite has improved substantially and a number of bass have been caught all the way up to 24″!!!    Come on up and enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Met with Governor Dayton and Commissioner Landwehr earlier this week in a small meeting to discuss challenges with the current regulations as well as the business challenges with last minute regulations and the problems it causes our guests.    I believe our discussion was well received and believe the Governor was open to our suggestions though he did share the challenges that the current management structure causes which trying to implement change.    I applaud both the Governor and Commissioner for staying true to their word and meeting with our small group and hope, in some way, that they both went home with a clearer view on our challenges.

Ice Fishing News:   With the increasing number of wheel houses enjoying fishing on the north end of Mille Lacs  (being the closest to the flats on Lake Mille Lacs) and the challenges with our current bridges, we invested in a new 12′ wide by 60′ long bridge for this coming season.   The bridge has been delivered to the resort with special thanks to Chez Guyer and it is ready for this coming hard water season!





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