15 01, 2019

Ice Report

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Roads open, yes. To the flats, not yet. 5 days ago, our ice team found many "traps" around the northern flats of areas with 10-11" of ice. We opened access to the flats by ATV's but not to vehicles. The next few days of extreme cold will help build the ice we need to allow safe vehicle traffic but the extreme drop in temperature will crack any new exposed ice badly and create some serious dangers; when we say 10 MPH, we mean it for a reason. Wait for daylight to travel the roads and travel with caution. At this [...]

10 01, 2019

Ice Report

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Our team scoped out the flats this morning (Weimer, Bombeck, Pantry, Resort, etc.) and to our disappointment, many snow covered areas still have 9.5 - 10.5" of ice!! Knowing if we open a road between the flats to traffic, many will off-road into these dangerous areas as there are far too many to mark. Thus, we have opened access to the mud for ATV's, Snowmobiles and UTV's only. Our first and second break (up to 31' fow) has been very productive and remains open to 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks pulling up to 21' tandem wheelhouses as the first break [...]

7 01, 2019

Fishing Report

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What an awesome weekend on Mille Lacs!! Awesome to see so many of our members and guests enjoying the north end and the fishing paid off!! Many walleye were caught of multiple year classes but the big surprise were all the big perch!! Shocking how many were caught off the first and second break. Thanks to all of you for sending in the photos of their memorable weekend, we shared just a few. We are announcing a photo contest as our way of thanking our members and guests that share their memories with us. Send your photo's to [email protected] We [...]

3 01, 2019

Ice Report and Pull List

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Our ice team worked diligently 10 plus hour days all week to build our roads and pull houses. Our access is great with no bridging and access to the first and second breaks. There is a bad pressure crack out ½ mile that is not yet safe to bridge that blocks access to the flats but the fishing on the first and second breaks has been exceptional. This weekend, we will be letting out ½ ton trucks with single axle wheelhouses (recommended to the first break only), or ¾ ton non-diesel trucks or lighter vehicles. PLEASE KEEP SPEEDS TO 10 [...]

1 01, 2019

Ice Report – Happy New Year!

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Progress report to ring in the New Year from the Red Door Resort. All of our rentals are on the ice and will be ready to rent this coming weekend; we still have a couple available. We are staging houses and plan to pull houses and plow roads starting Wednesday morning to the first and second breaks as well as pull all those members wanting to be on the first or second breaks. We will update our progress daily. We will be allowing 1/2 ton trucks and cars out this coming weekend and will be allowing single axle wheelhouses out [...]

27 12, 2018

Ice Report

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We received 1-5-2” of snow at best last night as much of the storm blew east of us. Let’s hope it continues to miss us but I am sure we will get more. Our ice team staked roads yesterday to the Weimer, Bombeck, Resort and Pantry flats. Second break, we found areas of 8.5-12” which is similar to what we found on the flats; thus too early for vehicle traffic. There is a pressure ridge about 3/4 of a mile out that is impassable with an ATV and not safe to bridge yet. We have staged some ice houses and [...]

17 12, 2018

Ice & Fishing Report

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Not much has changed since our last report as the weather has been above freezing daily. We have gained a little ice but due to the 10-15 degree nights and 40 plus degree days, there is a lot of expanding and contracting of the ice which leads to many small pressure cracks on the ice. There is one pressure crack that converges out past our access through the rough ice which we have marked with cones and at present, the pressure cracks are stable and sound, that doesn’t mean it can’t change. Be sure to access the ice “at your [...]

3 11, 2017

MLFAC and Hard Water Season Update

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Discussion at the MLFAC Advisory/DNR meeting last night was informative.   The DNR stated that Mille Lacs is on the cusp of recovered as poundage, spawning stock and other variables have shown improvement.   There has also been an increase in small yellow perch which has improved the health of the younger year class walleye's.  Winter regulations are tentative though we know we will get 1 fish.  Proposed regulations are 1 fish 20-22" (with the possibility of a trophy over 28") or possibly one over 26".   We are confident that the bite will remain active and exciting this hard [...]

17 08, 2017

Fishing, the Governor and Ice Fishing News

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With the walleye fishing back open and live bait allowed, many have come up to enjoy fishing.   The bite has slowed somewhat but good reports have been coming from the north flats.    Northern and Musky fishing has improved as water temp has dropped substantially with all the rain and we have had a number of guests catch some very large Musky and Northerns.    Bass bite has improved substantially and a number of bass have been caught all the way up to 24"!!!    Come on up and enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Met with Governor [...]

2 03, 2017

End of Season Report

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We have wrapped up our 2016/17 Ice Season and access is now closed.    It was an amazing bite and we appreciate all the amazing photo's that our guests and members shared with us.   It was a challenging year with the access with the significant swings in temperature and due to weather, we had to pull houses a week early; we appreciate everyone's understanding and support.  It was a very enjoyable season and many memories were made.    Thanks to all our members and guests for choosing the Red Door Resort!!! Our customer appreciation evening was a huge success. [...]