13 12, 2017

Ice & Fishing Report

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Ice Report Ice is 6"-7" thick out to the first break. WARNING: Bad ice at the pressure ridge on the first break, don't go past the pressure ridge. Fishing Report Yesterday 4 fishermen caught 9 walleye all under 20" in around 14 FOW.

24 07, 2017

Fishing Report & Resort News

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Walleye will remain closed until August 11th when it will reopen until labor day.    Bass fishing reports have been good to the west of Knox point from 5 FOW -16 FOW.    Musky and Northern reports have been improving; large northerns have been caught to the east and west of the resort along the rock and weed areas.    A 54" musky was caught and released this past weekend directly out front of the Red Door. Resort News - In anticipation of this coming winter, and with the increase in the number of wheel houses accessing the flats out of [...]

30 06, 2017

Fishing Report

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The bite on the north end is amazing.   Bassmaster magazine just ranked Mille Lacs #1 in the Nation! Multiple walleye and huge bass are being caught in large numbers.   Water temp remains cool in the low seventies and successful reports keep coming in from as shallow as 4 feet to 16 feet off the first break as well as great reports from numerous flats.  The bass bite has really turned on and we are also seeing some huge walleye up to 32"!!   We have heard from numerous guests that it is the best fishing that they have ever [...]

5 06, 2017

Fishing Report

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WOW!!!  CHECK OUT THE HUGE FISH!!  Here are a number of pics from Tim who frequents the Red Door Resort on Lake Mille Lacs.   Fish like these are the reason we have visitors from all over the country.   Thanks for the spectacular pics Tim!  This weekend, we received a number of great reports for walleye, bass and northern along the first break and in the weeds and rocks to the west of the resort; sunset bite has been the most productive.   Walleye of all year classes are being caught and this season, many large fish are showing up [...]

2 06, 2017

Fishing Report

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Walleye bite remains excellent with many of our guests having the "fishing experience of their lives".   Smallmouth Bass seems to have slowed a little with the recent bug hatch though some of our guests from down south reported catching the largest smallmouths they have ever seen.   Water temperature is around 58 degrees and the first break out front of the Red Door has been very productive.   Our new 34' launch boat (rated for 25 people) is now ready with launches Fri - 7-10, Saturday 8-12 and 6-10, and Sunday by appointment.  Charters are also available by appointment. [...]

15 05, 2017

Fishing Opener Report

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It was one of the most beautiful openers that we can remember.    The weather was in the mid seventies and the winds were calm yet enough to create a mild chop.   Our guests were enjoying fishing as well as camping, barbecuing and relaxing in the sun. Fishing reports were exceptional.  Everyone of our guests were excited about the great bite and the most successful  lined up along the first break directly out front of the resort.  Fish of all sizes were caught from 8" all the way up to 30".   A number of our park members pulled [...]

2 03, 2017

End of Season Report

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We have wrapped up our 2016/17 Ice Season and access is now closed.    It was an amazing bite and we appreciate all the amazing photo's that our guests and members shared with us.   It was a challenging year with the access with the significant swings in temperature and due to weather, we had to pull houses a week early; we appreciate everyone's understanding and support.  It was a very enjoyable season and many memories were made.    Thanks to all our members and guests for choosing the Red Door Resort!!! Our customer appreciation evening was a huge success. [...]

7 02, 2017

Ice & Fishing Report

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We had some great reports over the last weekend but mainly from those willing to switch up presentations.    The bite has slowed a little but those that are willing to work a little are doing  very well.   The breaks are performing as well as the flats though the 26-30 FOW is most productive during the day and 19-22 FOW seems to be the answer as the sun sets.   Night bite remains the best though we are starting to see more perch and tulibees as we move into February. Our access is open to all vehicles and wheelhouses [...]

27 01, 2017

Ice & Fishing Report

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1.27.17  Our access is open today to single axel wheelhouses and light trucks. The cold weather has healed some of the access though we will monitor it throughout the day and weekend to ensure that the area around the bridge remains sound. With the exception of the access challenges, you can access any of the northern flats from our roads and we have found no issues with the ice. We have had customers on the Weimer, Bombeck, Pantry, Resort, Fletcher, Eileen's, Backer, 8 mile etc.   Fishing reports have slowed a little with the majority of the bite happening at [...]

25 01, 2017

Ice & Fishing Report

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The warm weather over the past week has caused some challenges with the access.   Our access is still open to light trucks, cars or wheelers pulling small wheelhouses.    We look forward to the cooler temperatures freezing up the standing water on the ice and allowing the access to strengthen.    We hope to be able to open our access fully by this weekend to trucks and wheelhouses but will update later this week. Fishing has slowed a little though more perch, tullibee and northern are being caught.   Numerous large walleye as well as slot fish are being [...]