22 05, 2018

Red Door Midweek Report

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This past weekend proved great fishing. Water temps warmed from opening temp of 43 degrees to 49-51 degrees and the first break out front of the resort was hot. Fish of all year classes are being caught and they all look thick and healthy. A number of trophy sized walleye and small mouth have been caught that adds excitement to those of our guests enjoying mini group competitions. Long weekend is coming up and the winds look to be favoring us again. Have a safe and enjoyable long weekend on Mille Lacs!

16 05, 2018

Mille Lacs Opener at the Red Door

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Thanks to all our members and loyal customers for making the opener a memorable one.  With the water temp at 43 degrees, the walleye were very shallow and reports varied with the most success being in the 12-14 fow.  It was really interesting to see hundreds of spawning suckers in our harbor as well as spawning walleye and we had more shiners and bait fish in our harbor than ever before. I also want to thank all our friends, resort family, neighbors, and community that reached out to us, sent prayers and visited our daughter Ayla at North Memorial [...]

8 02, 2018

Red Door Ice & Fishing Report

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Thursday Feb. 8 and our access is open to all vehicles and wheelhouses.   We have removed the majority of our bridges as our roads are now in great condition.   Bite seems to be picking up with the warming weather and should be a great weekend for fishing.  Jumbo perch and Tulibee have been common and many year classes of Walleye.  Glow Green and Glow pink or Swedish Pimple's with Shiners on rattle reels seem to be providing the best results.   Our rentals continue to perform well on the deep side of the second break and mixed but [...]

16 01, 2018

2nd Annual Fishing for a Cause Tournament and Ice/Fishing Report

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Beautiful weather and the 2nd Annual Fishing for a Cause Tournament is coming to the Red Door Resort this coming weekend.   We couldn't have asked for better weather and this warmer weather should drastically improve the bite!   Come on out for the festivities this coming weekend; our access should be open to all vehicles and wheelhouses.   This past weekend hit us with very cold weather and barometric pressure that made fishing tough though some of our members and a number of our rentals did well and shared their pics/memories with us.  The second break continues to produce [...]

12 01, 2018

Ice Road & Fishing Report

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Road access is open to gas trucks and single axel wheelhouses.   The change from 40 degrees down to -20 in one day opened up more cracks which we are currently bridging.   In this extremely cold weather, ice becomes very brittle and can be dangerous; 5 MPH speed limit by our bridges and 10MPH on the main roads - Anyone driving faster will be asked to leave.    Our main roads are in good condition so I recommend staying on the road infrastructure which goes to the flats.   Off roading is risky as brittle ice can crack and [...]

8 01, 2018

Red Door Ice and Fishing Report

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This last weekend as a tough one.   The bite was slow though the graph's showed a lot of action.   We had a great group of people up this weekend but unfortunately didn't get much time to visit as our whole team was working diligently to move bridges, keep the roads open and keep everyone safe.  The fish that were caught were very thick and healthy.   The DNR stated that there was a large yellow perch hatch and that seems to be keeping the walleye well fed.   Of the hundreds of people fishing this weekend, very few [...]

29 12, 2017

Ice & Fishing Report

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Our whole team was on the ice today plowing, checking ice depths, staking roads etc.   Our road system now has 12-14" of ice.   Checking many areas off-road, we found an area with as little as 9.5" of ice and an area of 16" of ice.    We are opening our access to 1/2 ton trucks, cars, and ATV's for the weekend.  Stay near our road system to ensure safety.  Anyone wishing to pull out a wheelhouse can do so with an ATV but we will not allow trucks pulling wheelhouses until next week.   Being that are dropping [...]

27 12, 2017

Ice Report

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Our ice team headed out in the frigid weather yesterday and found ice from 11-14" of good ice.   The extreme cold has created a pressure crack that we have an ATV bridge over which allows for ATV's, Snowmobiles, and UTV's; the bridge is 5' wide so wider trailers will not cross.   Paul is now out plowing roads to set up our winter infrastructure.   We are building ice quickly and are looking to pull our rental and permanent ice houses out starting late weekend.    We will be checking the ice Thursday and Friday to see if we [...]

19 12, 2017

Ice & Fishing Report

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Captain Paul and I ventured out today and checked ice at the Weimer, Bombeck, east side of the Resort and Pantry flat and found a fairly consistent 10" of ice.  In some areas we found 11-12", but under areas of drifted snow we found thinner ice measuring 8".   We are very fortunate to have good solid consistent ice this year as we managed to avoid much of the layered broken ice that blew away from the north end just before freezing.   Weekend was filled with mixed reports off the first break in 12-14'fow, 24-26'fow, as well as the [...]

15 12, 2017

Ice & Fishing Report

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ATV/Snowmobile's welcome. (No sideXside's/UTV's yet).  Checked ice in numerous areas and found a consistent 7-8" of ice.   We worked half way out to the Weimer and Bombeck flats and found thinner ice (6-6.5") so we will wait another week to access the flats.  We highly recommend accessing the breaks only at this time and staying in the areas we have checked.   There is one pressure ridge out front which we have put an aluminum ramp across for foot traffic and ATV's marked with orange cones; snowmobiles can cross beside it.  Each side of the pressure ridge can have [...]