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Not only do we update you on the lasest fishing and ice reposts, we also feature events and happenings all around Lake Mille Lacs and our resort. Be sure to subscribe and follow us on social media to get notified when a new post is made. 

Christmas Eve Ice Report

Our access continues to be open to “walk out” traffic only as there is ~3” of ice covered by about 3” of water and slush

Red Door Resort Mid August Report

Mid August is here and the lake temps are finally relaxing (74 – 75 degrees). The warmer water has made the walleye more lethargic but

Ice and Fishing Report

We are officially out to the mud. We have 15″ – 16” of ice around the Weimer and Bombeck flats and are allowing gas trucks

Ice Report

Roads open, yes. To the flats, not yet. 5 days ago, our ice team found many “traps” around the northern flats of areas with 10-11″

Ice Report

Our team scoped out the flats this morning (Weimer, Bombeck, Pantry, Resort, etc.) and to our disappointment, many snow covered areas still have 9.5 –

Fishing Report

What an awesome weekend on Mille Lacs!! Awesome to see so many of our members and guests enjoying the north end and the fishing paid

Ice Report and Pull List

Our ice team worked diligently 10 plus hour days all week to build our roads and pull houses. Our access is great with no bridging

Ice Report – Happy New Year!

Progress report to ring in the New Year from the Red Door Resort. All of our rentals are on the ice and will be ready

Ice Report

We received 1-5-2” of snow at best last night as much of the storm blew east of us. Let’s hope it continues to miss us

Ice & Fishing Report

Not much has changed since our last report as the weather has been above freezing daily. We have gained a little ice but due to

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