Hard to believe that ice season ends in just two weeks!  Wow, how the season flies when your having fun!  To celebrate our members and patrons and show our appreciation, we are holding a customer appreciation event on the evening of Saturday February 24th in the big pole barn near the lake.   Live music, great food and amazing people (and beer) make for a perfect recipe for a memorable evening.  Beverages and food will begin at 7 pm, band starts at 8pm, dancing and festivities to follow.  Come on out and enjoy the exceptional community that makes the Red Door Resort such a special place.

On Sunday the 25th, we plan to pull until every house is off the lake.   Please have your houses blocked up, unbanked, and ready to pull.   We appreciate anyone looking to come off early as it reduces any late season/weather challenges and ensure’s safe placement back on your lot.  We are compiling a list and will start pulling houses off soon.