Captain Paul and I ventured out today and checked ice at the Weimer, Bombeck, east side of the Resort and Pantry flat and found a fairly consistent 10″ of ice.  In some areas we found 11-12″, but under areas of drifted snow we found thinner ice measuring 8″.   We are very fortunate to have good solid consistent ice this year as we managed to avoid much of the layered broken ice that blew away from the north end just before freezing.   Weekend was filled with mixed reports off the first break in 12-14’fow, 24-26’fow, as well as the top side of the flats.  A number of jumbo perch were caught (as big as 14″) as well as a number of walleye over 29″ which were all returned.    Silver spoons, glow pink and green, and light jigging with the head of a fathead or dead sticking seems to be working best.    It is about to get very cold so we expect to see the ice contracting and some cracks appearing so please travel slowly with extreme caution and we do not recommend venturing out after dark.   ATV’s and snowmobiles are welcome.   Stay warm and enjoy!