Discussion at the MLFAC Advisory/DNR meeting last night was informative.   The DNR stated that Mille Lacs is on the cusp of recovered as poundage, spawning stock and other variables have shown improvement.   There has also been an increase in small yellow perch which has improved the health of the younger year class walleye’s.  Winter regulations are tentative though we know we will get 1 fish.  Proposed regulations are 1 fish 20-22″ (with the possibility of a trophy over 28″) or possibly one over 26″.   We are confident that the bite will remain active and exciting this hard water season.  This was one of the few meetings I have attended that was positive with regards to recovery (though I am sure the newspapers will mislead everyone into believing that Mille Lacs is at “an all time low”).  We should have confirmation within the next 2 weeks of the decision for the winter.     It has been cold up here and we are already seeing ice on our harbor; it won’t be long until the winter ice season.    Stay tuned for more info…..